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I experienced The Good Hour over at Lush Leeds Spa.

Check out my experience and let me tempt you into treating yourself.

What’s stopping you?

Hello guys,

So this week I am one very pampered lady. I started the week with a spa treatment from Lush and ended it having my hair redone by the incredible Black Cactus.

I wrote about my last experience with Black Cactus as I’ve managed to go from Dark Brunette to a golden blonde in two sessions, they are incredible. Check out my post below:

My Black Cactus Makeover

I wanted to tell you all about how I started my week and why we should do the same all the time as it is hands down the best way to get over the Monday blues. 

With only 6 weeks left of my university life I thought what better time to give myself some serious ‘me time‘.

Luckily, for those of you who don’t already know I am an employee at Lush and as part of that after a certain amount of time you get experience one of the spa treatments. One of the amazing things is that I have been a lover of Lush for a long time, and then knowing you can get full spa treatments is like heaven to me.

Lush have several spa treatments ranging from The Good Hour, a relaxing deep tissue massage to The Sound Bath incorporating ear candles and hot stones.


Check out the full list here:

The Good Hour:

I have never been into the Lush Leeds so I was excited to see if they had any products that we don’t have in the Sheffield store. Luckily enough they did, with a wider selection of Bath Oils including Furze, Polyamorous & Happy Thoughts.

Also by being a Lush Spa store that means they store the incredible temple balms which on my way out I just had to purchase for myself.

Dreamtime: has elements of lavender and chamomile to get you prepared for bed.

Whoosh: has highlights of grapefruit and rosemary uplifting your mood.

Once rubbed into your pressure points (wrists, temples and neck) they are absorbed into your skin quicker reaching your blood circulation so will help you to relax in no time!

The Temple Balms – @bookitblogger

I was then met by my spa therapist and taking down into the depths of Lush Leeds, walking through the doors the area was transformed. Taking you away from the bustling streets of Leeds and transporting you to a realm of relaxation.

The Spa Area – @bookitblogger
The Consultation Area – @bookitblogger

We sat at the consultation table and discussed how the treatment will be completed using sporting techniques with pressure points and jelly discs. I was shown the slate for the treatment as it included a miniature Big Blue bath bomb to set the seaside atmosphere of the room, the jelly discs for any sore areas and I got to choose from several massage bars.

My choice included:

Wiccy Magic Muscles: tingling cinnamon and peppermint with azuki beans to get into those muscles and soothe any soreness.

Each Peach (& Two’s a Pair): a citrus infused bar designed to wake you up and get you feeling energised.

Therapy: entwined with lavender and neroli oil to uplift your spirits and relax you during your massage.

Hottie: Invented for the very purpose of these spa treatments, Hottie has elements of Black Pepper and Ginger to stretch those muscles and stimulate your circulation.

The Massage Bars…which one is missing? – @bookitblogger

As can be seen from above the one missing is the one that I chose. Wiccy Magic Muscles is my chosen contestant to perfectly give me the deep tissue massage that I have dreamed of.

Once I decided I was guided into the room and was immediately greeted with a captain’s cabin vibe, setting the scene perfectly for the rest of this 70 minute treatment.

The Captain’s Cabin – @bookitblogger
The Captain’s Cabin – @bookitblogger

I was then told to get myself ready and lay under the towel as my therapist put the bath bomb under the bed and it created the most immersive atmosphere that I loved and was something I had never experienced before.

The Big Blue Smoke Cloud – @bookitblogger

I rang the bell once I was ready and then the treatment started.

The Treatment began… @bookitblogger

The smell of cinnamon and peppermint filled the air as my shoulders, arms and legs were massaged. I felt incredible already and the sea shanties matched the feel of the entire treatment and added to the atmosphere perfectly.

I then turned over onto my front and my back was massaged, I never realised I had knots in my shoulders but oh my goodness they were worked very hard. The backs of my legs were worked and before I knew it I was completely relaxed from head to toe and the treatment was completed.

It went so quickly because I felt so comfortable and as I got dressed and made myself out of the room I was welcomed with a cup of tea with my very own Wiccy Magic Muscles to take home.

A proper cuppa to finish it off – @bookitblogger
The Wiccy Magic Muscles – @bookitblogger

I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt and it was such a shame to have to leave and jump on a train back to Sheffield.


The next couple of days I was slightly sore on my shoulders specifically in the areas where my knots were which is good as it means that my muscles have been worked properly.

I loved absolutely every minute of it and I am debating on what treatment to do next as they are perfection. I will definitely be taking either my mum, boyfriend of friend with me next time to share the experience with.

You can do several of the spa treatment as a duo including:

There are several locations not only just in the UK but worldwide and here are a list of those for you too locate the closest to go and try for yourself.


  • Poole
  • Bath
  • Cardiff
  • London Chelsea
  • London Oxford Street
  • Liverpool
  • Leeds
  • Edinburgh

Head over to the Lush website and find out your nearest location.

Some of my top tips for your treatment incorporate the spa policies so you get the most out it:

1. Arrival at the spa – make sure you arrive with 5 to 10 minutes before your treatment, giving yourself plenty of time.

If you are more than 15 minutes late, they may not have time to complete your treatment. Of course with Lush courtesy they will always aim to accommodate you no matter what even if it means completing a different treatment. 

2. Drink plenty of water – this will ensure you do not get dehydrated during your treatment especially afterwards.

3. The Pregnancy Policy – not all treatments are suitable for pregnant clients and you can look online for those suitable during your second and third trimester. However in your first trimester you are unable to have treatments.

4. The Vegan Treatments – All treatments can be easily adjusted however several treatments are suitable for all including (The Sound BathThe Comforter?SynaesthesiaKarma and Tales of Bath). 

5. Remember it is all about you – Choose your treatment to suit your needs and be completely honest and relax into the treatment. If something is uncomfortable tell the therapist and they can tailor your treatment specifically to your needs.

If you have any further queries, go ahead and call Lush on 01202 668545, or email them over at

I will definitely be trying out some more treatments but will have to make the difficult choice to choose my next one.

Have you guys had any Lush Spa Treatments if so let me know in the comments what you loved about it or if not which one would you choose?

I have just made an order online with Lush and I was thinking about doing a review of what I ordered. It includes some exclusives and I am going to be taking part in the Ultrabland 30 day challenge… the challenge is to use Ultrabland everyday and it is supposedly going to completely rebalance my skin.

I have been a user of the Clinique take the day off cleansing balm for years and have been looking for an alternative as it is not very cheap. So, I will let you know how I get on and try and document my skin during the month to see the difference.

I want to thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience and that it’s tempted you to treat yourself…

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