Take a wander in Bath…

Take a wander in Bath with me.

I am currently writing this as I gaze out of the rain-covered window across the stunning countryside as we head back home to Yorkshire. Continuing a journey that we took only a couple of days ago. Experiencing the contrast in scenery in reverse.

Reflecting upon the weekend I automatically yawn as I think about how much we have done in such a short amount of time.

As I sat in the car on the journey from Sheffield to Bath, my body and mind was filled with butterflies from both excitement and nerves. This journey was my first time to Bath since my boyfriend moved and thoughts filled my head as to whether I would like it or not. As I near ever closer to the end of my life as a student, the prospect of me moving to a new place becomes closer to reality. I always think about staying in Yorkshire my whole life and yet the thought of venturing to pasture new both scares and excites me.

As someone who studies travel the thought of new places sends a mixture of emotions through my mind. However, for this journey my main focus was on spending time with family that I love and thinking about nothing but that. No university, no dissertation, nothing.

I find it is always important for your mental health to have a rest and a break and this weekend came at the perfect time. Our journey down to Bath was filled with laughter, the occasional swear at the silly drivers that we came across and countryside that as we reached ever closer to the Southwest would change every time I gazed out of the window.

Particularly as we reached the Cotswolds an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the fields are outlined with dry stonewalls. A lovely sight to see was the maintenance of the walls that have been around for centuries. After a long drive and of course a good ‘cuppa’ stop in Warwick we reached Bath. Not knowing how hilly it is as it rests in the valley of the River Avon.

We are greeted with honey-coloured stone and stunning Georgian architecture that takes you back to the 18thcentury. I was mesmerised, as all of the shops and takeaways are set within these historical buildings. We soon made it to Phil after seeing the B&B where Phil’s parents were staying and spent the evening catching up.

Rainbow Wood Farm – @bookitblogger

If you fancy checking into this adorable B&B, check it out on this link: http://rainbowwoodfarm.com

The next morning we woke up and were greeted by sunshine for one of the first times, since we waved goodbye to 2017.

We headed out by 11am and we started off the day in the most wonderful way. Some of you may not know but Phil grew up on a farm which his lovely parents still own and is one of the most wonderful places that just truly relaxes me. Incredibly as we headed into Bath and started our journey at Green Park, there was a farmers market.

Green Park Farmers Market – @bookitblogger

Stalls selling the freshest veg, cheese and the biggest puff pastry pies I’ve ever seen. It is most definitely the best way to start the day as we continued on completing some little tasks like visiting the bank and a visit to a new place would not be the same without heading into Lush. It sounds ridiculous I know but as an employee, and big time fan visiting a new store means the possibility of seeing products I’ve not had before.

No matter what Lush you visit everyone is always so friendly and when in Bath, I’ve got to make sure I have the best bath I can get. So I purchased some bath melts and an Eskimo bubble bar. When I’m in Sheffield I have no bath so of course I need to take full advantage whilst I have one.

After a morning of wandering we had a little coffee break in the sunshine to rest our feet and we chose very wisely heading to the Bath Coffee Company, they were voted one of the best coffee places in Bath for 2018.

Bath Coffee Company – @bookitblogger

It was an ideal spot in the sunshine and it thoroughly set us up for the afternoon as we planned to head to the Abbey, the Roman Baths and the Royal Crescent.

The one thing that truly striked me was the contrast of the well-known stores like Primark and HMV that were dotted around under this beautiful honey-stoned walls. The Georgian style is so strong and blends amazingly with the Roman Baths I felt like I was transported back in time.

Those columns… – @bookitblogger

The first place that we explored was Bath Abbey as it peeked at us through the pillars.

The Bath Abbey peeking through the pillars – @bookitblogger

One thing I found about Bath is that we passed so many buskers they truly added to the sunny happy atmosphere as we walked around.

The Buskers of Bath – @bookitblogger

This atmosphere carried on as we reached the Abbey and as we stepped through the doors, the sound of music filled the air. Phil’s dad and I made our donation and headed inside. Now I am not a religious person but there is something about churches that pull me in as the inside took my breath away.

Just look at the details – @bookitblogger
Bath Abbey – @bookitblogger
Dursley Male Voice Choir – @bookitblogger

We picked a lucky day as the voices of the Dursley Male Voice Choir filled the air and just gave me the chills as the vaulted ceilings made the voices echo around the church. I felt a sense of calm and could have wandered exploring the abbey for hours.

As we headed outside, the heat hit me and I could not believe that we were in the UK. It felt well and truly like a little mini holiday which I guess it was.

We then took a wander through the streets heading first past Pulteney Bridge which I immediately recognised from the infamous scene with Inspector Javert in Les Miserables. It is easily one of the most photographed spots in Bath and as you can see below it is very obvious why.

Pulteney Bridge – @bookitblogger

We then continued up the hill to The Circus, if you find the right spot within the Circus everything will echo.

The Circus – @bookitblogger

After a while of wandering around in the heat we knew it was perfect time to stop and have a little late lunch. Now I am a sucker for a good coffee place and when we wandered down this little side street I got a very good feeling.

IMG_3440 2
Our little hidden street – @bookitblogger

We came across The Green Bird Café and I knew immediately it was my new favourite spot. It is nestled perfectly between The Circus & The Royal Crescent. We made the most of the hot weather and sat outside on the cute little tables. They have a fresh homemade lemonade, Phil’s mum and I ordered that and of course the boys ordered their beer.

The Green Bird Cafe – @bookitblogger
Perfect Refreshments – @bookitblogger

It was honestly the most perfect spot to relax and hide from some of the crowds so we ordered ourselves some food going for delightful toasties and ending it feeding our sweet tooth with treats from The Organic Cake Company.

The Toasties – @bookitblogger
The Sweet Treats – @bookitblogger

Honestly I could not recommend this place enough it is in the most ideal spot that you can just sit and watch the world go by. I could have sat there all day but we had to carry on our walking around and the next spot was The Royal Crescent.

The Royal Crescent – @bookitblogger


The Royal Crescent has this prestigious feel about it as the Grade I listed buildings arch across looking over Bath. There is a lovely green space at the Royal Crescent that was full of people making the most of the sunshine.

We ended our little adventure at the Royal Crescent and headed back on our walk to find somewhere for dinner and of course a few good ol’ ciders.

It took us a while to find somewhere as we did not think of the fact that the Grand National was on so most places were fully packed.

However, we remembered Green Park and the fact they have a stone baked pizza oven place behind the bar in the space that earlier was full from the farmers market. We found a comfy spot, ordered some ciders and rested our feet as we all were pretty tired from walking around.

Luckily, we were met by some of Phil’s family friends who surprised us and we had a wonderful catch up which was soon joined by the most stunning pizzas I think I’ve ever had, outside of Venice!

These pizzas are made by the Bath Pizza Co., and the produce comes from local farmers which we thoroughly enjoyed under the Victoria Station canopy.

Carbonara Pizza – @bookitblogger
Look at those fresh pizzas –@bookitblogger

I am a sucker for pizza and these were honestly perfect, it was even topped off with live music in the evening.

I could not have wished for a better to end such a perfect day full of pizza and cider…

Now as a Lush employee of course when I don’t currently have a Bath I just had to treat myself and have one before I departed on the Sunday. Plus it is the perfect way to end my Bath post…with a Bath… sorry I love puns and I can’t help myself.

The Bath Cocktail – @bookitblogger

I bought some pieces from the Bath store making the cutest bath cocktail ever. Starting off with One Eskimo Bubble Bar giving the bath an uplifting start.

One Eskimo Bubble Bar – @bookitblogger

I then threw in a Cloak of Invisibility bath melt adding a fruity and moisturising touch plus…anything Harry Potter related I have got to have.

*Just a disclaimer this bath melt does not make you invisible…

The Cloak of Invisibility – @bookitblogger

I then threw in a Lush exclusive bath bomb Guardians of the Forest. It is very closely named to one of Phil and I’s favourite films Guardians of the Galaxy so I just had to have it, plus it is a strong favourite of Lushies.

Guardians of the Forest – @bookitblogger

This bath fully relaxed me before heading to another close family friends for lunch. It set us up perfectly for our long journey home.

Now for those of you who don’t know me and my boyfriend have a long distance relationship and I am going to be completely honest. Even though we have been together 4 years saying goodbye never ever gets easier.

If you would like some advice on long-distance relationships I have done a post all about it: check it out here 

So I said a tearful goodbye and heading back in the car to Sheffield.

I want to say a huge thank you to Phil’s parents for taking me down with them.

There are definitely some spots that we missed and I have made up a little to-do list for next time:

  • Visit the Roman Baths
  • Treat myself to the rooftop spa
  • Try every single coffee shop possible

It was such a lovely weekend and has fully relaxed me. So much so that yesterday I submitted my dissertation now I have just 1 assignment and 2 exams left of my university career. The thought of finishing is pretty scary but very exciting at the same time. As I know I am going to have so much more spare time over the summer to dedicate myself to this blog.

Let me know what you would like to see me blogging about in the upcoming months.

Would you like more Lush reviews, of course more Travel or even some advice on being a student? 

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Thank you so much for reading now I am going to start a BBQ because one day of sun in Yorkshire it becomes the main rule,


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