How to Travel Naked…with no Plastics!

Read my post all about how you can travel naked with no plastic waste this summer!

Hello guys,

As a Lush employee and lover of our planet as I want to travel the world throughout my life. I pay close attention to the impact I have on our environment. If I can travel in the most eco-friendly way possible I will and I am always searching for alternative products that I can take on holiday with me.

Working for Lush has given me an incredible insight into the work they are doing to reduce plastic waste and their impact on the environment they work in. I have learned so many stories about where they source their ingredients from and just how much of a difference that makes.

In more recent news on Lush Kitchen’s Instagram page they have revealed the very first ‘Lush Naked’ store in Milan. There are many ‘Naked’ products also known as those without any packaging that are in stores all over the world but this is the first to have absolutely no plastic packaging whatsoever.

I am absolutely obsessed with this #LushNaked Campaign and fully support it, it is so easy to start using naked products and the difference it will make on the environment is incredible. I really hope companies seeing this change will follow suit as Lush are so ahead of the game, many high street stores need to catch up.

Now I need to go to Milan and do a haul don’t you think? 

Why should you travel naked? 

I know when it comes to travelling you always have so much you want to take with you including your haircare, skincare and shower essentials. Now we have the restriction of 100ml and up to 1 litre in total of liquids in your hand luggage, just makes our lives a little more difficult.

I am all about making my travel journey the least stressful it can be and I think that taking these in my backpack is absolutely essential.

But what if I told you it doesn’t have to be that difficult and you could be saving the environment too? 

Lush has an entire Naked product range from shampoo bars, solid shower gels to massage bars you could take as your moisturiser. I have gradually started converting my products over to naked versions and although it takes a while getting used to them they are so vital in changing our impacts on the environment.


You always want great haircare to take abroad with you but the thought of decanting your shampoo and conditioner into little bottles is a huge pain right?

Now you don’t have to with Lush’s Shampoo and Conditioner Bars. There are bars for all kinds of hair from Seanik and Big for your beach waves, Jason and the Argan Oil and Sugar Daddy-o to protect your colour and Honey I washed my hair and Jungle to moisturise damaged hair.

The Shampoo bars are roughly £6.50 each and Conditioner bars are £6.75 each.

Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar and Big conditioner – @bookitblogger

These bars are equivalent to approximately 80 – 100 washes, just simply wet the bars, lather and wash, it is as simple as that!


I am a huge skincare lover and at the moment I own the Full of Grace Facial Serum which is deeply moisturising and helps anything you put on top to absorb quicker including face masks and your moisturiser. They just warm up at body temperature so are super easy to apply.

Full of Grace – @bookitblogger

I have seen more facial serums through a sneak peek on instagram from the Lush Summit and have been seen in the new naked store in Milan so keep your eyes peeled for more of those.

Full of Grace facial serum is £8.25.


Another product that we all need to take on holiday is sun protection. If you want to take an environmentally friendly option, why not go for the solid sunblock?

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 15.49.43

With SPF 30 and rich ingredients including sesame oil and calamine powder your skin will be protected plus you will have no big plastic bottles of suncream to throw in your bag!

The Solid Sunblock is £8.95.

Just warm it up in your hands or apply in the shower before heading out into the sun.


When it comes to your body there are many things that you need to consider, first of all your shower gel. Normally I would just tell you to take soap with you, but of course the fabulous Lush have started to trial out their solid shower gel. Yes, that is right it is solid shower gel not soap!

They actually contain the same product basis as their liquid counterparts and they use sodium stearate to thicken and harden the mix and they’ve also popped in Propylene glycol a humectant that helps you to retain the moisture in your skin. Perfect for those sunny beach days.

The average price for the solid shower gels are £9.95 and you can currently get your hands on the solid Dirty Springwash online.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 16.00.51

Look at that sneak peek on Lush Kitchen’s Instagram from the Milan Store… I love them!

Another great item that i’ve picked up that you can pop into your backpack is the solid deodorant.

100g of Aromaco is £4.95.

Aromaco – @bookitblogger

Super easy to use I have Aromaco which melts at body temperature and you just apply like a roll-on without the plastic packaging! 

The next step in this packing routine would be your moisturisers, bet you’re wondering what you can use aren’t you?

Why not take some of Lush’s beautiful massage bars, they are all made with a cocoa butter base and full of essential oils. Take Wiccy Magic Muscles full of cinnamon and peppermint to soothe your aching muscles, Therapy full of lavender to relax you or even Soft Coeur with added honey for an extra hint of moisture.

The average price for these massage bars are £6.75.

Wiccy (top), Therapy (middle) and Soft Coeur (bottom) – @bookitblogger

These bars melt down at body temperature so just a couple of swipes through your palms and they are ready to be applied! 

Mouth care:

Your dental hygiene of course is very important and luckily you don’t have to take huge bottles of toothpaste or buy those ridiculously overpriced tiny bottles of mouthwash to put in your backpack. You can actually buy solid Toothy tabs and Mouthwash Tabs.

The Toothy and Mouthwash Tabs – @bookitblogger

The Toothy tabs are super simple to use, just take a tab crunch in your mouth and brush! Featured below is the Boom! toothy tab with the added extra of charcoal known to help naturally brighten your teeth!

These toothy tabs cost £5.95.

Boom! Toothy Tab – @bookitblogger

The same goes for your mouthwash, just take one tab add a little bit of water and let it fizz in your mouth and swish, swish! The tab featured below is Ugai, taken from the Japanese, ancient Shinto custom.

These mouthwash tabs cost £5.95.

Ugai – @bookitblogger

What do you think?

It is super easy, Lush are literally handing us this way of life on a plate, you can start changing out your products and if we all start the amount of plastic waste we make will go down significantly.

At a time where we have all watched Blue Planet and the work that Sir David Attenborough has done has really brought it to all of our attention to make these changes. Not only when you are going abroad but for your everyday life.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 16.36.08.png

If you guys can even make that one switch to a plastic free product, you can start the ball rolling and I have even made a handy little checklist for you to print off for when you are going away. You could to take it with you into your local Lush store and grab your plastic-free routine!

Click the link and download: Your naked checklist

I hope you all really enjoyed this post and you can see how easy it is to make these changes.

If you have any other plastic-free products you’d like to share in the comments that you have used and loved or even some more suggestions for me to try let me know.

Check out my Facebook page ‘The Book it List’ and my Twitter / Instagram @bookitblogger and let me know your thoughts or share your plastic free experiences with me.

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Thank you for reading and now go on get out there and get your naked travel on!







  1. Life After Coffee Reply

    What a wonderful concept! Thank you so much for sharing- I’m definitely going to be printing out the checklist before my next holiday! Sending you good vibes 🙂

    Nati x | | @NAfterCoffee

  2. Elisha Reply

    Wow, I had no idea how many products can be plastic free – this was a really informative post!

    I started reading thinking yep, shampoo bars are a thing but did not realise that SPF bars and toothpaste tablets are also availabe. Must plan a trip to Lush soon to try these out.

    Elisha x

    • Book it Blogger Reply

      Absolutely there are so many alternatives and I just had to tell people 💕

  3. abbie Reply

    Thankyou for sharing! I was only saying to my other half today that when we go travelling in November I want to try an embrace plastic free packing!

    • Book it Blogger Reply

      You totally should it’s so much easier than people think!!

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