What’s Happening in York: July

I am home!

I have officially finished university and moved back home to York. I got my grade and I achieved a first, I could not be happier and proud that I finished all 4 years to a great success. I am not going to lie it’s not an easy feeling having that independence moving away from home and having to admit that I am coming back and I know that is not an uncommon feeling. I would love to do a blog post being completely open and honest about my feelings about moving home.

If that is something you would like to see, let me know in the comments section below.

I finished my job back at Lush and have found myself sitting at home wondering what I should do, now luckily York has given me a blessing and July is jam-packed full of activities for me to get involved with and tell you all about.

The weather has also blessed us with incredible sunshine that I really fancy being a tourist in my own home so let’s have a look at What’s Happening in York this July:

Watch Wimbledon in Coppergate: July 2nd – July 15th

From 2nd July to 15th July, live coverage of the Wimbledon matches will be shown from 12pm to 7pm. Most of the shops in Coppergate will also be staying open until 7pm so you can bask in the sunshine for longer. They have installed 3 screens in the centre accompanied by grass and deckchairs so you can be on your very own Henman Hill.

It is a really awesome little space and is open to everyone. So if you are on your lunch break and want to chill out in the sunshine you can or if you just want to sunbathe then why not grab a deckchair and watch the match.

Step back in time with Shakespeare: June 25th – September 2nd

Now, this part is very exciting, I am a huge nerd for anything new coming into my home city and York just keeps on bringing it to me. I have never been a massive follower and reader of Shakespeare, however, the fact that we have a replica of the infamous rose theatre right here behind Clifford’s Tower is amazing.

This incredible building will house 900 people with 600 seats over three tiers not even one of the seats will be more than 15 meters from the stage meaning you have a fully immersive experience. The four plays that are being shown come from each theme: Macbeth as The Tragedy, Midsummer Nights Dream as The Comedy, Romeo and Juliet as The Romance and Richard III for The History.

There are several ticket options starting from Groundling for £12.50pp right up to the York Experience for £90.00pp. Boxes can be booked from 2 to 32 people, including a private area, beverages, and a private backstage tour.

Once the performance is over you can stay a little longer and chill out in the village with choices for food and drink and an Elizabethan garden. Or you could even head up to Clifford’s Tower and the Castle Museum that surround the theatre.

If you fancy booking a performance then head on over to: https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/shakespeares-rose-theatre

Have a Blooming Marvellous wander: July 5th – July 8th

Celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Ancient Society of York Florists with a shed load of events. This ancient society dates back to 1768, where better to celebrate this than in our beautiful city?

The incredible guys over at Make It York have organized this and I can not wait for it all to be ready. As Lotte Inch the event curator mentioned in their programme:

“From a small seed of an idea, this festival has grown into a huge, inspiring and heart warmingly brilliant celebration for all.”

This event truly is for all ages with a massive number of events happening over this four days:

The Ancient Society of York Florists Summer Flower Show: Parliament Street 7th July 10.30am-5pm, 8th July 10am-5pm

In celebration of this 250th anniversary, you can witness exactly what this is all about watching these talented florists in a flower show with a unique twist.

The Beer Garden Competition: City Wide, 1st July – 27th July

York is infamous for its bars and is rumored to have 1 for every day of the year after you have done exploring the vast floral displays dotted around the city put your feet up in one of the participating venues. Plus your drinking has a purpose you can then vote for the best beer garden over at www.yorkmix.com

The Miniature Gardens + Mini Mumblers Magical Quest: 5th – 8th July

The miniature gardens have been created in 30 wheelbarrows from schools all across York as a part of a competition. They will be judged by the Lord Mayor of York on Saturday 7th July from 2:30pm but you can check them out in Library Square from 6th to 8th July (Friday, Saturday 10am-4pm and Sunday 11.30am-3pm). This is such a lovely idea and a great way to get children involved not only in the environment but in the festival.

The magical quest has been created as a short trail for families to explore the festival and find the floral letters. There are 7 floral letters to find to make the fairies name and you can download the trail map here.

This is only a small selection of the many events that you can explore over these days if this doesn’t give you that excuse to get to York then what does? Check out the full programme here.

Shops all over the centre are getting involved and as I wandered town before it is all fully set up you can start to see the transformation happening. They are getting involved in ‘The Great Window Dressing Challenge’ these will then be judged by the famous Royal florist Simon Lycett and the winner will be given a cheque on Friday 6th July.

The transformation is getting me excited and I can’t wait to head to this festival and get involved, if you would like me to write about the festival in full let me know in the comments.

If you do end up missing the Bloom!, first shame on you but secondly York is buzzing constantly why not head to the Rose theatre, watch Wimbledon or explore some of my favorite spots including:

  • Spark:York (check out my previous post here and keep your eyes peeled for an update).
  • Fossgate (check out the brand new (N)Ice Cream Factory).
  • Bishopthorpe Road (keep your eyes peeled for my post all about the street party).

Yes, I did think ‘oh no’ I’m coming back home but how can I be sad about it with all of this going on?

If you enjoyed this post then make sure to let me know in the comments and I will keep you posted on what I do this July.

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