How to Smash Your Final Year at Uni

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As you can probably guess by the title of this blog post I am an almost graduate (my graduation isn’t until November). It has been four years in the works but I am finally going to be graduating. If you are just finishing college and you’re not sure whether to go to university, I would totally advise doing so.

People always say those cliché things like “The people you meet at university will be your best friends for life.” As cheesy as it sounds, it is totally true, you do! I have met some absolutely incredible people that I want to stay in my life forever. There also may be some people who you meet that come and go, but make your experience at that time the best it could be.

I would not change a thing and yes university may cost over £9000 a year, but that was never going to put me off, I was always going to go to university.

It is actually crazy looking at those pictures that have been taken over the course of my university life and oh my goodness I have been so lucky. From our absolutely adorable Christmas together in our first year to seeing my beautiful Flee graduate last November.

Up until this final year, I used to travel home back to York every single weekend meaning I often missed out on some great nights out, but this final year I have fully made up for that. I have met so many new people in this final year and I am gutted I didn’t meet them sooner, but I know we will stay in touch and we have the rest of our lives to make even more memories.

Okay, now away from the cringey part to this blog post and on to the helpful bit, the bit you are all here for. I am going to give you some helpful advice about the final year of university and I am going to be completely honest so you know exactly what it is like.

Now I studied International Tourism Management, so of course, if you are looking at doing a different course, our experiences could be slightly different but I hope this advice helps you.

It is not as stressful as you think

I spent my whole university life absolutely dreading going into my final year. Hearing repeatedly how stressful it is and how much work there is. I had this image that I would have absolutely zero social life and would have multiple mental breakdowns. I feel that when you are surrounded by negativity it’s all you think about.

Just think of your end goal, having a drink and celebrating those final exams with the people who battled through it with you. Trust me, its a great feeling!

I tried to go into my final year with the most positive, organized mind that I could. I kept it that way for the whole year and tried to make everyone else feel calm around me. You make your final year what it is if you go into it with your battle gear on ready to kick it’s bum then you will do it. If you go in with your sad Eeyore negative face on then, of course, you’ll stress yourself out.


The Existential Crisis

It’s your final year, you may have just come off your placement year and you feel kind of…semi prepared for adult life. Well, it is a strange feeling knowing that you are so close to the end of your education, especially if you’re not doing a masters.

You spend the whole year being questioned on ‘What are you doing next?’. I spent half of my final year feeling very secure on my plans but they suddenly changed and I was left with a serious existential crisis. I was questioning all sorts… where will I live? what will I do? shall I keep studying? do I stay working in travel?

But then I finally remembered, what the hell am I rushing for? I am 22 years old and I have so much time ahead of me, I’ll find a job and I am a huge believer in fate so something will come around that is right for you. You are going to go to job interviews and send out so many job applications you actually forget what you’ve applied for.

Trust me it will all be worth it. Something that is right will come around but it will be something that will be right for you and get you on your journey.

I’m writing this currently as I’m working in a job that I know will start me on my journey towards my career goal and I waited patiently for it and fate brought it to me (Yes that is the directors and CEO of our company celebrating our cruise sales…)


Easter Holiday ain’t no time for chocolate

I know, I know your probably hate me for saying this but seriously this one holds the very key to not having a mental breakdown. April is the key moment where you have about 4 or 5 assignments including your dissertation and exams coming up. It all starts to sneak up on you and you’re suddenly at the point where you’ve got no idea how to balance everything.

Do what I did, I stayed at university over those 2 weeks in Easter. Whilst most people went home for a break or even went on holiday. I say just leave it that little bit longer the end is in sight! Plus, you can totally use easter eggs as a motivation to getting coursework done, they make a great snack to accompany your hours of typing away.

I spent my 2 weeks getting ahead of myself and completing assignments that were due in over the next month. It meant I could dedicate so much time to my dissertation and even had time to revise the final draft.

So Instead of looking like this after you get home from easter and realize your workload.

Why not reward yourself during easter like this…


Go out, I’ll allow it this time

It sounds crazy but as I mentioned at the start of this post, I spent more time going out than I did throughout my whole university life. I tried to balance out my life and even though I’d spent the majority of the day doing coursework in the evening I went out and switched my brain off.

Whether it be the quiz night on a Monday or karaoke on a Friday they strangely became the highlights of my week. I met and got to know some lovely people who I wish I could have spent more time with but now it always makes me so happy that I did so much stuff in my final year.

I also went on quite a few nights out to Bierkeller and West Street Live and got many hangovers where I looked like absolute garbage the next day.

You also may have seen that I spent my time exploring all that Sheffield has to offer including multiple brunch spots, Peddler Market and getting my home comforts with a delicious Sunday dinner at The Fat Cat.


Make the absolute most of every moment while you’re at university, go out for drinks, treat yourself to delicious brunches and explore new places to keep your mind nice and clear of coursework. Believe what people say when they tell you your time at university is the best time of your life I felt like I was in this little bubble that I never wanted to leave.


Have something planned for the finish line

Now, this is something I didn’t do and is one of my biggest regrets. I carried on working right up until I had to move out of my flat in Sheffield, I loved working at Lush do not get me wrong but I did get jealous of everyone else leaving and celebrating with a well earned holiday.

I wish I had planned a holiday with my flatmate and my university girls it would have been a perfect end.

It definitely did feel strange realizing once you finish university that you do all go your separate ways, but (now I am going to sound like an old fart) thank god to Facebook and Snapchat because now we do stay in touch. It is so easy, I see my flatmate as much as possible and I chat with people I met at university all the time. Plus I’m organizing to see my girls down in London and I can not wait.

Yes we have all gone our separate ways but if you put in the effort you will not lose touch.

As you can tell I made the most of my last year at university. I kept a ray of positivity around me, I kept myself organized and focused on getting my work done but I gave myself time to switch off and explore.

My final year at university was 100% one of the best and I really want to give you guys the vital information to enjoy every last minute.

Let me know what you think of this post as I enjoyed writing it so much and I’m thinking about doing a post on places and things you cannot miss out on if you want to see that let me know in the comments.

Did you find any of these tips helpful and let me know how you got through university and what tips you will take on board? 

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