York Balloon Fiesta – From Day to Night

Happy almost weekend everyone,

It often happens when it comes to a weekend when I’m not working I rack my brains and try to push myself out of my Netflix slumber. I could lay there all day as Netflix gradually takes over my day but oh no not today!

I have this thing and I don’t know if other people have this, but when events and fun stuff come to where I live. I just always seem to miss out. I don’t know why I just come up with excuses and never actually push myself.

I’ve recently made a vow to myself.

My Vow

I will no longer come up with excuses. If something exciting comes to York, I’m going even if it means going on my own. I don’t care if I look like an absolute saddo I’ll go with my phone camera in hand and document every last little experience I have.

Then if anyone fancies joining me on these experiences that is just an added bonus.

Since making this vow to myself I’ve been to the Luna Cinema seeing The Greatest Showman, I saw Midsummer Nights Dream at the Shakespeare Rose Theatre, and I attended the Balloon Fiesta.

York Balloon Fiesta from the day…

I was trying to find any excuse to go to the Balloon Fiesta. It’s a completely free event that is held on the racecourse which is so close to where I live. It ran from the 28th – 30th September, the event was absolutely jam-packed full of kids entertainment, fairground rides, and around 50 hot air balloons.

These hot air balloons went up all weekend and when I left work on the Friday they were freckling the sky, it just looked absolutely beautiful.

Luckily a lovely lady from work decided that she was going to wander over to the festival around midday and I knew it was a perfect opportunity to get there. We wandered over and were greeted by lovely sunshine, lots of people and so many dogs.

We knew immediately we were going to have a go on some of the rides, but first we explored our options.

We then saw that they were doing a balloon tethered race so we stood and watched that which was actually a lot more entertaining than we thought. The bright colours and the size of the balloons surprised us both and it made for a perfect photo opportunity.

Once we watched the race come to an end we decided to go on some rides.

Now let’s be clear, I’m not really a ride person I hate heights and the thought of rollercoasters makes me feel queasy. But we decided why not let’s just try a couple and we did…

We both thought ahh these rides are easy, oh we were wrong they were so much more intense. We chose this ride first and then decided on the waltzers and bloody hell they were crazy! We both left the waltzers with mild concussion and a mutual decision for no more rides.

It is definitely great to have something there for everyone of all ages to literally just go and everyone is there to have fun.

To the night…

Now I experienced this wonderful fiesta in the day but the evening was definitely the main event.

People from all over were driving all day to get there some with less success than others due to the massive popularity.

Now my family and I are very lucky to live just on its doorsteps so we wrapped up warm and headed to the Night Glow.

The night glow was all organised to music and was absolutely beautiful.

Everyone just stood there calm, and taking in the moment not arguing, not complaining just enjoying it.

Then the grand finale came with fireworks…

It was truly beautiful.

I feel that in York we are really lucky to have these amazing events going on so locally. It really excites me and makes me proud to be home.

I am really looking forward to the Halloween and Christmas events and I’m going to document them all, no excuses!

I am 1000% going to attend the Halloween event being organised with the York Dungeon check it out here.

There will be 26 ghost lamps dotted around the city centre and every day 50 ceramic ghost made in conjunction with York College will be hidden. Such a clever idea and I can not wait!

I am so excited to document more events and I’m attending York races tomorrow so let me know if you’d like me to write about that as well in the comments.

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Thank you so much for reading,


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