Why I buy flowers for myself

This post is all inspired by something that someone at work said to me.

It’s been quite a common thing that I’ve said on my blog about ‘Treating Yourself’ and not doubting going to make that purchase that you’ve been thinking about for a long time.

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Now for years I always like to do pamper evenings for myself, taking a second to make a relaxing bath and especially doing a face mask. I even recently did a pamper evening for my mum and I, doing face masks and even a hand and arm massage. No matter how stressed out your day might get just take a breather and put on your favourite film or music and forget about it.

It may be easy just to say that but with all of the stuff, my family and I have been through over the past few months it has truly proven that being positive and distracting your mind is the best way to lead a happy life.

What is the post about you may ask?

Well by the title I wanted to give you the story as to why I buy myself flowers.

Why do I do it?

It is actually quite strange up until writing this I never thought how flowers bring up happy memories for me. Flowers seem to always come up at significant points in your life. Weddings, Birthdays, Valentines Day or even celebrating someones life.

I have a fond memory from my childhood of being around my grandma’s house and her garden is always absolutely pristine. I remember going around her back garden with her and ‘dead-heading’ all the flowers and at the end looking at our work and my young eyes gazing over at our achievement and how beautiful it was.

They are just so beautiful and they just completely brighten up any room. It’s always a lovely treat when someone buys you flowers when my mum returned from hospital our house looked like a jungle of flowers of all colours and shapes.

They were all beautiful and each was adorned with messages of love and support for my mum from close friends and family. Just walking into our kitchen knowing what each of them represented was so lovely.

But why should you wait for someone to get them for you?

Flowers make me feel good, it shouldn’t be seen as a ‘sad’ thing to when you buy flowers for yourself even if it’s an extravagant bouquet if they cheer you up and make you feel better just buy them.

Science told me to

Did you know it is actually scientifically proven that flowers cheer you up.

Surely you know they do from how they make you feel but interestingly receiving flowers or having them around is said to release dopamine, oxytocin and stimulates serotonin, like a natural anti-depressant. I used to buy bouquets of flowers and dot them around our flat in my final year at university and it must work because we never got overly stressed or depressed from coursework.

I still do it now if I’ve had a bad day just to cheer myself up, I don’t need to wait for someone else to buy them for me.

Hands down the best place I get my flowers from are M&S, often they can be reduced which of course is even better because then you can just buy more…

I got the most aesthetically pleasing roses that looked like flames, they caught my eye as I passed through M&S and I just had to get them for myself. I didn’t need a reason, I just did.

Why should you?

It is getting to the time of year now where it’s cold, and all you want to do is snuggle at home with your loved ones. Sometimes you might not have anyone to come home to, you may have been through a break-up or live alone. I strongly think that getting yourself a bunch of flowers or running yourself the most over the top bath isn’t something you need to rely on others doing for you.

I am all about celebrating the small things so flowers are a way of remembering the positives and definitely help me on my way to being a giant bubble of positivity.

They don’t even have to be flowers, we all have those little things that are special to us that make us happy. It could be treating yourself to a certain kind of food or going on an evening walk and listening to your favourite music. We live in a time surrounded by so much negativity that if you have something negative happen, take a step back, switch off from your social media and do what makes you happy.

We live in a time surrounded by so much negativity that if you have an absolutely rubbish day, take a step back, switch off from your social media and do what makes you happy.

I really want to start a series talking about becoming more independent, I’m 22 and graduate in November so I feel like I’m currently in the process of writing the first pages of a new chapter in my life.

I want to write about so many things including:

  • Getting on the way to passing my driving test
  • Going on my first solo trip abroad
  • Getting that work/life balance

I really hope you loved this post and I’d love to hear from you:

What do you do to treat yourself when you’ve had a bad day?

Keep your eyes peeled for more posts coming up as we approach the end of 2018. If there’s anything particular that you would like me to write about I would love some feedback.

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